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Elsie Nurmi rides to her Minnesota school in a prairie wagon speaking no English. Yet she becomes a U.S. Protocol Officer escorting dignitaries such as Astronaut Frank Borman and Edward Marcus (Neiman-Marcus) abroad. She meets heads of state, a pope, watches moon launches, and preps presidential visits. But when diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she begins her most dreaded—and transcendent—journey.

Elsie at Ebb Tide tells the story of a woman whose soul transcends disease. She fails all cognitive tests, yet her spirit-soul appears to be actively aware. One afternoon with shocking lucidity Elsie cries out, “I can’t stop him. He won’t listen.” When asked who, she answers, “My brother.” The next day, her daughter Barbara learns this brother died that very afternoon. … How could she have known?

Traveling down untested roads, Barbara begins to explore a different language—one of intuition, mental telepathy, inner listening, and love—encountering a new world that continues until her mother’s death … and beyond.

Elsie at Ebb Tide is a story of love and a willingness to explore the deepest communication possible: soul to soul.

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What Readers are Saying: 

Your book sat on the shelf for months while I got up my nerve to read it. I got up at 5:30 and finished it. It has stayed with me all day. Honest, funny, educational, moving, and for me, life changing. I am a caregiver.  I feel much better prepared. Juliana, Minnesota

Barbara Erakko may have added some important new dimensions to our understanding of what happens spiritually when someone is slipping away into the void of Alzheimer’s disease.  She makes a decision to rigorously test out her theory and shares the remarkable results with us.  Bernice, Connecticut

At its heart, Elsie at Ebb Tide is a story of pure love between souls. Barbara Erakko has written a very different book about Alzheimer’s. Rather than focusing on the disease, she focuses on how her perceptions change.  Anne, Texas

I didn’t want to put the book down. I was totally engrossed in the story of Elsie’s life. If ever there was a time for a new understanding of what is happening for the Alzheimer’s patient, it is now.  Diane, Missouri

I can only wish this book had been available years ago. My  mother is now in her ninth year of Alzheimer’s.  Dena, Missouri